10 Ways to have a happy Halloween


This year – forget about trekking the dark streets – bring the freaky festivities indoors for some affordable fun!

  1. Carve a Pumpkin – Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without some fun pumpkin lanterns to scare family and neighbours!
  2. Do Creepy Crafting – Leave the ghosts at bay – make your own haunted house using old cereal boxes, toilet rolls – a sure way to keep the kids entertained.
  3. Set the mood – Think of all the scary songs you can play – We are thinking of Michael Jackson’s Thriller!
  4. Put up Paper Chains – Paper chains are not just for Christmas. Have fun making spooky designs then decorate for witching hour!
  5. Pin the Hat on the Witch – Take turns to see who gets the closest to pinning the hat on the wicked witch. The winner gets to do the washing up!
  6. Put on a puppet show – Create creepy characters using ice cream sticks, felt pens, and wiggly eyes – then put on a spooky show for the family.
  7. Watch Scary Movies – Turn off the lights, draw the curtains, and have fun scaring yourself with age-appropriate films.
  8. Create your own dance – Time to do the Zombie! Rope in the whole family – yes, even the cats and dogs!
  9. Sleep in a den – Camp in the lounge made of a den of blankets and pillows – who’s afraid of the dark after all.
  10. Make dinner simple – order from our FLAVA range to ensure you max out time with the family!