What would you do if you were not in the food industry?

I would probably still be in the corporate world. So glad I am not there any longer. This has been an incredibly exciting ride for me

What was your first job?

Working at the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town, after school and over weekend – as a rather ineffectual waitress

What inspires you?

Bright young people, doing wonderful work in SA

What would be your last supper?

A spaghetti dish with my family

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

I am actually a very adventurous eater so am not scared to try anything. I suppose “plat anna” frogs legs caught in the river of my grandparent’s farm, Kleine Zalze in Stellenbosch and cooked on my sister Lynne’s portable Aga!!! As the youngest of six, you are subjected to all kinds of threats and enticements from older siblings and cousins – eating strange insects and critters is just one of the many 

What do customers want from a food delivery company?

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Good value, wholesome food delivered on time and in full

What has changed in the food industry over the past 5 years?

The emergence of food channels on television has introduced home viewers to good food, cooked well. People are becoming more and more discerning about what they eat. The demand for good quality produce is growing. Healthy eating is becoming a priority amongst us “normal” folks

What do you think are the growing trends we can expect in the food industry in 2019?

Definitely the growth of companies such as Flava & Co. People are becoming more comfortable with using the internet and their lives are becoming fuller and busier – any service that can assist them that can add value and is convenient – they will jump at.  

Unusual foods such as ruby chocolate, charcoal lattes to moon milk

And of course, very relevant to our business, more eco-conscious packaging – really not easy to find in South Africa, even at a price – things are changing though, and I foresee the rise of green packaging – it will just take one entrepreneur with vision

Why should customers choose Flava & Co.?

Both Dee and I are very customer focussed and want only the best for them. We really go out of our way to give the best, in every way. I believe we are providing an extremely efficient service and the food is fabulous – this has been borne out by the fantastic reviews we have had from customers. Repeat business definitely tells a story and most of our customers are now ordering weekly. 

Sweet or savoury?

Both, even at the same time!

What is your favourite food on the Flava & Co. menu?

I have to say the Bacon wrapped Chicken and if I can add another, it would have to be the Char Siu Bao. Since Dee has introduced Asian flavours, I have really grown to love them.