5 vegetable tips you didn’t know you needed


At Flava we’re always looking for ways to make our cooking more efficient. Here are some of our favourites hacks to get the most out of your vegetables: 


  1. Store apples and potatoes together. Apples produce ethylene, which prevents potatoes from sprouting, so you’ll get the most out of what you buy and reduce waste. 
  2. Give your veggies lots of room. Try not to overcrowd the pan when you’re sautéing — this will make your food steam instead and you may lose a little flavour and ‘bite’. 
  3. Peel garlic the easy way. If you need lots for a recipe, microwave the whole bulb (on high) for 20 seconds. When you take it out, the skin will slide straight off. 
  4. Add warm milk to your mash. Potatoes should be mashed with warm milk only. Cold milk will turn them grey. 
  5. Freeze your peppers. To make the most of your peppers, slice them up and pop them into a freezer in a ziplock bag.