The inspiration behind the Deli and Everyday Essential boxes

From where did the inspiration for the Deli and Everyday essential boxes come?

Jeanie and I have always been passionate about supporting local and finding the best possible fresh produce and products possible. We are committed to sourcing local artisanal products and supporting small business.
Our deli boxes showcase some of these products including sourdough bread using stone ground flour, artisanal charcuterie meats and cheeses and delicious homemade jams, pâtés and brownies. The deli box aims to bring you the best market and deli experience right in the comfort of your own home.

The everyday essential box supports farms that follow organic principals; we have sourced the very best dairy products, eggs (no hormones or antibiotics) stone ground sourdough bread and delicious coffee for this box. Essentially we want you and your family to eat the best produce possible.

Why is it so important for Flava to support local, small business?

With the lockdown small businesses are taking serious strain and we feel it is our duty to help and assist where we can! We believe in great produce and need to nurture and support the people who make/farm it. By supporting small business, we are assisting a family to send a child to school and pay their bills. This is what makes us happy!

How do you source your products?

We like to speak to the producers and farmers directly. Where possible, we make the effort to go and meet our suppliers to chat about their vision and food philosophy and in so doing, we find a harmonious synergy between ourselves. It’s also a good way to cut out the middleman so that the producers can share in more of the profit.

Why is good produce so important?

Knowing where your food comes from is vitally important. All too often, the connection with our food source is lost and we are forced to buy over packaged and mass-produced food. Getting back to the “root” with delicious food products from our local farmers and producers is the experience we would like all our customers to have.

Will the Deli box contents change?

Yes, we are always on the look out for interesting, artisanal and delicious products and would like to showcase this in each deli box. Our vision is for the deli box to constantly evolve and change as we find unique and talented people doing what they love and do best