A new year, a new you? Detox foods for the new year

2020 is in full swing, so once again many of us are putting our best foot forward. That means healthier eating. Here are some great foods to add to your diet in 2020.



Grab a handful of almonds to munch on as an afternoon snack. They have a great amount of vitamin E that works with your antioxidants to fight sickness and premature ageing. Also, studies show that almonds can help with weight loss.



This red super root is rich in betaine and phytochemicals which are essential to digestion and bowel function. Get those toxins out with some beetroot.



Add half a fresh lemon to warm water in the morning. This helps rid your body of its toxins and it’s a great way to start the day. It helps your digestion by producing all the juices you need to function. Also, lemon is full of vitamin C which is great for your immune system and it supports your natural collagen production – so your skin will look more radiant!



Cress is a real superfood and it really does everything! Full of iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A and folate. Cress is the best and you can add it to pretty much any meal.