Cook Your Steak To Perfection Using The Touch Test

Meat becomes firmer the longer it’s cooked so you can test “doneness” by touch

You could use a meat thermometer, but it’s so much more fun to touch!


The touch test avoids having to cut into the meat and lose juices, but it is very subjective – once you have some practice, you’ll cook the perfect steak every time.


Hold your hand out, palm up. Poke the base of your hand at the base of the thumb, feels like raw meat, right?


Now, make an OK sign with your hand by touching your forefinger and thumb together. Feel the same part of your hand. It’s a little firmer. This is how meat feels when it’s rare.


  • Move to your other fingers and as you do, you’ll notice the pad of your hand gets increasingly firmer.
  • Touch your middle finger to the tip of your thumb. That’s how a medium rare steak feels.
  • Next, touch the tip of your ring finger to your thumb. This is what a medium-well feels like.
  • Finally, touch your pinky to your thumb. That’s the equivalent of a well-done steak.