Flower Tips For Fresh Cut Flowers

Many people are frustrated by how short the life of a flower arrangement can be once it’s in the vase at home. They may forget that fresh cut flowers are living entities that can be encouraged to last much longer under the right conditions. The following tips will help make your flowers last longer.

So, you just received your Flowers – now what?

  • If your flowers came in plastic, remove this as soon as possible
  • For best results, with a sharp knife, cut about 2cm off the bottom of each stem at an angle. Do not use a pair of scissors to cut the flowers as this can crush the stems and also prevent water absorption 
  • Place the flowers in your vase as soon as possible
  • To prevent wilting, drying out and overheating, avoid draughts or extreme temperatures
  • Avoid placing the arrangement on windowsills or anywhere they’ll be in full sun 
  • Don’t place the arrangement near fruit or close to smoke, even cigarette smoke
  • Remember, most flowers will last longer under cool conditions

How to keep your flowers looking fresh – fresh water is the key!

  • Watch the water level. Keep your vase filled with fresh water! All flower and foliage stems should be submerged. Flowers stay fresher and for longer when they can get a drink!
  • Keep an eye on the vase and when the water looks cloudy, it’s time to change it
  • Remove the flowers and thoroughly clean the vase with soapy water to remove any bacteria that could cause the flowers to deteriorate quickly. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly
  • Refill the vase with fresh water
  • Next, remove any dead, wilting or dead flowers and rearrange them in the clean vase