Host a Virtual Dinner Party. Here’s How:

Flava Virtual Dinner Party

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

By now you’re an expert at video conferencing. You know how to angle your laptop so that your background doesn’t show the mess around your house. You wear a smart(ish) top but have leggings or tracksuit pants down below. When the 40 min time limit hits on Zoom you know to automatically log in again using the same code. You’re a pro. 

So take your video conferencing skills up a notch and host a virtual dinner party!

Here’s how: 

  1. Send an invitation to your guests (email or whatsapp) for your dinner party. On the invite let them know the date and time as well as the ingredients to the dish you will all be making. Also include the software you’ll be using (ie Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype etc)
  2. Set up your dinner table as if your friends were coming over. Obviously don’t put plates out for them but put your nice table cloth on, iron your napkins and put some pretty flowers in a vase. 
  3. Make sure your laptop or phone is angled correctly so your guests can see you properly. Now will also be a good time to make sure the internet connection is stable. Also make sure you’re close enough to a plug point (or get an extension cable). You don’t want to run out of battery half way through your dinner! 
  4. Make the dinner before your guests log on. They will need to do the same, so make sure you’ve communicated this with them. 
  5. Sit down, log on and enjoy the meal you’ve all made together. Discuss cooking techniques you have used, how you’ve plated the meal and what you enjoy most. 

Think this sounds like fun? Flava is making it super simple for you to host a virtual dinner party!

  1. Order our Virtual Dinner Party Meal: Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken (including a free sweet treat) 
  2. Tell your friends to order the same meal
  3. We’ll deliver all the pre-measured ingredients to you and your friends Friday, 12 June 2020 

Order your Virtual Dinner Party Meal Here