How to eat mindfully


Mindfulness seems to be the hot topic of conversation at the moment. But have you also considered eating mindfully? So instead of stuffing your face until you’re about to pop (we’ve all done it) here are some tip to try practice mindful eating 


Focus on food

Instead of grabbing food on the run or grazing on snacks as you make tea, create a relaxed setting for meals by making time to get away from your desk, or gathering the family around the table for dinner. 

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Slow down

It takes our brains 20 minutes to receive the ‘full’ signal from the body, which means we often overeat. Try to avoid distractions such as your phone or TV, chew more, and put your knife and fork down in between bites.


Prep mindfully

While you’re cooking, be conscious of how your food looks, smells and sounds. Take time to taste food and be mindful of the different textures too. Not only will you appreciate the fruits of your labour more, but you will tune into feelings of fullness too.


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