Make a home restaurant during the lockdown

Being homebound all day and night can make you go a little bonkers. So if you’re missing the hustle and bustle of being out, here’s our guide to making a restaurant at home.
If you have kids, this would make a great activity for them to set up!

Set the scene 
Forget the dining room! Set up a table in a different part of your house for a new experience. For instance, your entrance hall could be a cool space or a cosy nook in the garden? Feeling edgy, maybe your garage could give an underground restaurant vibe!

Set the mood
Dim the lights, light some candles, pick some flowers from the garden and put on a playlist. And of course, set the perfect table.

Give orders
Let the kids be the waiters for the night. Tell them to make a menu on a blackboard or handwritten cards. Let them take your drink and meal orders and serve you – just don’t forget to tip them! No kids? Well then, pull straws on who gets to be the waiter.

Eat restaurant quality food 
Flava & Co’s Fresh Flava Mealkits rival any top restaurant in terms of quality, flavour and portion size. Plus our easy to follow recipe cards will make any home cook into a chef!

Order your meals for your home restaurant