BEVERAGES: Old Fashioned Ginger Beer (350ml)

After 30 years in the corporate world, Kat ventured out into the world of cold pressed and freshly squeezed juices, taking life’s lemons and turning them into lemonade by forming a little company called Life plus lemons equals lemonade, after all, it’s not always a metaphor, sometimes one  literally needs to make lemonade!  All these amazing products are made by Kat with love and natural ingredients, containing no preservatives.

Old Fashioned Ginger Beer (Vegan) 

Refrigerate between 3-5 degrees Celsius – shelf life 3 weeks – can be frozen

Shake carefully & slowly – separation of ginger is natural

This old family recipe goes back 4 generations and is part of my grandmother’s legacy, which I’m proud to continue.  The raisins not only add to the flavour but also act as a pressure gauge, sinking to the bottom of the bottle when there’s too much pressure in the bottle.  Release some pressure by opening it slowly, allowing air to escape until the raisins pop back up to the top of the bottle.

Raisins can be eaten.

If you require a serving for 8 people, please select 4 servings x quantity:2. Produce could change according to seasonal availability – substitutes will be compatible with your meal