Reduce Food Waste with Flava

When Flava & Co. began we saw a huge opportunity in the challenge of food waste. By creating a system where our customers order their meals in advance, we can order exactly what we need from our suppliers and in turn, we only send our customers what they need to cook their meals.

The result has been a dramatic reduction in food waste in the supply chain and a reduction of food waste for our customers.

When food waste goes to landfill, it impacts the climate by producing greenhouse gases.

We help you reduce food waste by purchasing ingredients based on your order, pre-portioned to the gram.

We order all ingredients directly from our suppliers, so your groceries are delivered straight to your home without stopping at warehouses and retailers. This saves CO₂ emissions by cutting back on transport time and extra storage.

Your ingredients and products are always of the highest quality and are delivered to your door fresh and safe. We are continuously innovating to find more sustainable options.