The Flava Connection with Kleine Zalze Wines

We have carefully selected some wonderful wine to pair with our latest selection of meal kits and frozen meals.

We specifically selected Kleine Zalze, not only because the wine is fabulous, but also because our co-founder, Jeanie Erickson, has a long-standing connection with the farm – it was owned by her Grand Father, Gregor McGregor. Take a look at our wine selection here –

History of Kleine Zalze

The farm was first promulgated in 1685, a time when many of the original wine estates were first laid out and it is known to have produced grapes since at least 1695 when the first record of taxes payable to the Stellenbosch Town Council were made by the then owner of Kleine Zalze, Nicolaas Cleef, a German immigrant. At this time over 700 vines were recorded for tax purposes.

Gregor, son of the better-known Kimberley mayor, Alexander McGregor, who was born in Kimberley on 7th September 1880, bought Kleine Zalze from the then owner, a Mr du Toit in 1908 and in 1910, settled his new bride, May Duncan into the homestead.  They had six sons, named in height order: Duncan, Moray, Gregor, Robert, John and Alexander. Jeanie looks uncannily like her Uncle John. Her dad is second from the left, the second oldest, Moray.

As you can imagine, these wonderfully eligible bachelors attracted the young ladies of the district to the Stellenbosch farm which became known as a place for parties, fun and revelry

During the war years, May sheltered a number of mothers with children while their fathers went off to war. It is believed to have been a happy time despite the hardships that the war brought about.

After World War II, technological and scientific advancements enhanced and rejuvenated the South African wine industry and the McGregor clan thrived.

Businessman Kobus Basson, together with his brother-in-law, acquired the century-old Stellenbosch wine farm in 1996. Kleine Zalze has gone from strength to strength and today produces some of South Africa’s best wines.

Extract from the Kleine Zalze web page

Kleine Zalze wines are marked by a classical structure and complexity matched by a vibrant flavour intensity. Discernibly South African in style, the wines are refreshing, beautifully balanced and well-suited to food. Our wines are made according to traditional methods with minimal cellar intervention, but supported by modern equipment.

The intensity of the ‘New World’ with its full fruit flavours combines with the elegance and structure of the ‘Old World’ to yield wines of character, complexity and balance that reflect our terroir and climate.